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Amateur Radio Prepper Communications Plan

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Catastrophe Network and The American Preparedness Radio Network (TAPRN)  have teamed up to create a Standardized Amateur Radio Prepper  Communications Plan. This plan outlines a standard set of frequencies  that should be used by all preppers following a catastrophic disaster.  These frequencies will serve as a meeting point where information about  the event can be shared and actions between like minded preppers can be  communicated.

Aside from the TAPRN nets held on  3.818 and their digital net on 7.073, formal prepper nets will not be  held on these frequencies. However, future exercises and drills may be  held on-air between preppers and preppers are encouraged to use these  frequencies to coordinate activities. Along the same lines, during  catastrophes, it is unlikely that a formal net control will be  established. The Standardized Amateur Radio Prepper Communications Plan outlines protocols for calling and communicating with other preppers.

Amateur Radio Stations using the Standardized Prepper frequencies of  3.818, 7.242, and 14.242 MHz transmit pertinent information in AM  (Amplitude Modulation) mode rather than SSB (Single Sideband) mode so  that those with less expensive shortwave receivers that do not receive  SSB can still gather pertinent prepper information from the Amateur  “Ham” Radio community.

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